Do you believe you can make a difference in this world?  Are you empowered or feeling powerless amid the backdrop of so many areas of our functioning world that are functioning for just a few?  Are we at a tipping point of breaking down or breaking through?  Critical mass is the term they use to refer to how we can “tip the point” in either direction. Exponentially voices seeking to make a difference, make a difference.

Destroying or transforming is a choice we can make and we each decide and contribute to the outcome….

Choose to transform…begin with you, transform yourself and through your transformation you inspire others and can support their transformation and in turn with this “ripple effect” make the breakthroughs needed to avoid our break down.

Share your transformational message with the world, perhaps through your writing voice, singing voice, dancing voice, speaking voice, photographic voice or any voice that connects you with others. Nothing is as powerful as this transformation; one by one…it shifts and lifts all of us.  Our transformation takes us to a deeper spiritual place within…to our essence, from where we then step out back into the world with a new and cleaner lens and a stronger sense of connectedness to each other.  is one access point to get your message out in the written word.  Be inspired to transform the world by transforming yourself through your writing. The world needs your voice, your message of hope, love, resolve, strength, integrity, forgiveness, awareness.

In the words of the English Statesman, Edmund Burke (1729-1797):

“All it takes for evil to flourish in this world is for enough good men to do nothing.”

 Maria Hilda Pinon, author of The Willows of  Corona,a novel, andCandles in the Dark…poems to grieve, hope and love again.