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We never act outside of our belief system.  If we do, we generally experience dissonance or discomfort at some level.  We then can either change the action or change the belief to improve our experience of dissonance or discomfort.

If you wonder what your beliefs are, just observe your behavior or conduct. There is a belief you have that allows you to act on it without any feelings of discomfort at any level. For example, if you get involved with activities that promote health, it is probably because you believe this is something to support and live out or perhaps you believe you should do what other individuals with greater knowledge offer.

We are invited to believe in many things that can be at odds in many ways and make our life a very complex list of do’s and don’ts and potential conflicts. 

Some beliefs are myths… some unexamined and others more examined. We choose to believe the myths as true.  But, just because a large majority believes something, does not mean the belief is true anymore than when a small minority believes something and we believe it is untrue.  Our collective history evidences how some beliefs once held unshakeable, get abandoned.  Remember the time when slavery was common practice?   

Given the nature of how beliefs create the path we chose to walk, it is prudent to ask ourselves what we believe about any action we give time and energy to support and create.

If we are willing to loosen up our attachments to our beliefs long enough to examine them, we could learn about ourselves without getting so defensive or argumentative or aggressive when someone challenges a belief we hold.  Each challenge can help us clarify or perhaps liberate us of what can bind us and keep us from growing, moving forward or becoming more than we can be at any given moment. We can choose to stay in conversations of possibilities or gridlock them.  We can choose high roads or low roads. We can rise to an occasion of greatness or step into smallness. All greatness, now or in the past, comes from seeing possibilities and releasing some beliefs…  


Maria Hilda Pinon, author of The Willows of Corona, a novel, and Candles in the Dark…poems to grieve, hope and love again.




“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

 Mahatma Ghandi, Indian political and spiritual leader (1869 – 1948)


Is there congruence in your life between your thoughts, words and actions? Take time to check in with yourself on this key point of healing, growth and transformation.

Maria Hilda Pinon, author, The Willows of Corona, a novel and Candles in the Dark…poems to grieve, hope and love again

Such a symbol of unity when one torch lit a circle of fire and was raised high above to become one…fire! So many countries united as one team! What a moment! What planning! What coordination! What cooperation! What a message! Can we as humanity light a torch toward unity in the common goal of excellence, mastery and bringing out the best in all of us to make our world viable for future generations, beginning with our tomorrow?  We can do this in other areas, not just sports…can’t we? Every discipline needs the inspiration of the multiple lights becoming one, despite all differences.  We are capable of not being threatened by differences, but rather admire and learn from them. We are capable of being side by side in peace and joy. We are capable of joining hands and have the music move us into a dance of harmony…Hey Jude, don’t let me down….don’t let us down…let us rise up to the challenge to bring our world to a better place.

The last time the torch was lit, was before the United States had a new President, before the Wall Street embarrassment of greed, mismanagement or bad luck broke our pockets and all the institutions that tumbled in the aftermath, to list a few, but take note worldwide, of what has crumbled down since our last Olympic torch was lit!  When things breakdown…where does it end?

What does it take to move the spirit of unity outside of the arena of sports or humanitarian efforts when tragedies occur, either from “nature” or someone’s “awry nature”? What does it take to get us to really examine what works and what does not work in our world? What does it take to recognize that WE are the co-creators of change in the world and it is up to us to own the breaking down of institutions and the building up of institutions…new ones, renewed ones?

The torch of AWE!!!!! A World Evolved…because we have evolved and can create a world that works for everyone…we have what it takes in us and around us. What will we each do to contribute to make this change?

Maria Hilda Pinon, author of The Willows of  Corona, a novel, and Candles in the Dark…poems to grieve, hope and love again.

Winston Churchill (1874-1965), British Orator, Author, and Prime Minister once said: “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

Have you checked in on your attitude lately?  It is easy to forget that it is louder than our words. We talk without speaking.  And our speaking is colored with our attitude. 

Yet only we can adjust this thing called attitude or our disposition toward anyone or anything. It can be laced with goodwill or ill will toward others. We get to choose.

We tend to have a good attitude toward those that we think will not harm us, want our good and the best for us, and are “on our side”. But have you noticed that attitudes change when the reverse is true? 

When was the last time you took an inventory about all your attitudes toward anyone or anything? It is always a refreshing exercise for it will illuminate what perhaps needs a reconciliation so that indeed rather than foster divisiveness in our relationships and feed polarities, we can instead foster unity and move toward  higher consciousness.

Conscious evolution is nothing other than evolution by choice and our awareness we make the choice rather than chance and let things “just happen”.  We can make choices with greater conscious awareness (our aware eyes open) or unconsciously (our aware eyes closed).  Attitude anyone?

 Maria Hilda Pinon, author of The Willows of  Corona,a novel, and Candles in the Dark…poems to grieve, hope and love again.

Do you believe you can make a difference in this world?  Are you empowered or feeling powerless amid the backdrop of so many areas of our functioning world that are functioning for just a few?  Are we at a tipping point of breaking down or breaking through?  Critical mass is the term they use to refer to how we can “tip the point” in either direction. Exponentially voices seeking to make a difference, make a difference.

Destroying or transforming is a choice we can make and we each decide and contribute to the outcome….

Choose to transform…begin with you, transform yourself and through your transformation you inspire others and can support their transformation and in turn with this “ripple effect” make the breakthroughs needed to avoid our break down.

Share your transformational message with the world, perhaps through your writing voice, singing voice, dancing voice, speaking voice, photographic voice or any voice that connects you with others. Nothing is as powerful as this transformation; one by one…it shifts and lifts all of us.  Our transformation takes us to a deeper spiritual place within…to our essence, from where we then step out back into the world with a new and cleaner lens and a stronger sense of connectedness to each other.  is one access point to get your message out in the written word.  Be inspired to transform the world by transforming yourself through your writing. The world needs your voice, your message of hope, love, resolve, strength, integrity, forgiveness, awareness.

In the words of the English Statesman, Edmund Burke (1729-1797):

“All it takes for evil to flourish in this world is for enough good men to do nothing.”

 Maria Hilda Pinon, author of The Willows of  Corona,a novel, andCandles in the Dark…poems to grieve, hope and love again.

“People are often unreasonable and self-centered.

 Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives.

Be Kind anyway.

If you are honest, people may cheat you.

Be honest anyway.

If you find happiness, people may be jealous.

 Be happy anyway.

The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow.

  Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough

 Give your best anyway.

For you see, in the end, it is between you and God.

It was never between you and them anyway.”


Mother Theresa of Calcutta  Maria Hilda Pinon, author of The Willows of  Corona,a novel, and Candles in the Dark…poems to grieve, hope and love again.

In all things GIVE THANKS! We are not hearing this for the first time…it’s scriptural, but can we really give thanks in all things when they are not going our way? So what do we do…shrug things off, wish a bit harder, sweep them under the carpet, curse someone…or really give thanks when you really don’t mean it?
It is amazing what happens when we first say “Thank You” to the universe, our highest being, God…whomever we acclaim. What follows immediately is the opportunity to learn and reflect on our “thoughts” around what occurred and gain perspective! If we investigate our thoughts we won’t give energy to the “Poor me downward spiral” that gets triggered. We will spare ourselves lots of “grief”, if we utilize the time and energy instead to reassess our expectations, strategies, actions etc.
Catch your thoughts and the subsequent feelings generated by them and let them teach YOU…they are always trying to tell you something about YOU and no one else and the more awareness you have of this internal dynamic, the greater mastery you will claim over yourself.
Feel the feeling and name it, ask it to reveal the thoughts you have around the feeling and yes give thanks for now YOU have information to work with to heal, transform and evolve you to a higher level of functioning…
By giving thanks in all things we hold the key to balance the “tipping point” of the downward spiral and tip it to the upward spiral of hope, new opportunities and staying in the conversations of possibilities.

  Maria Hilda Pinon, author of The Willows of  Corona,a novel, and Candles in the Dark…poems to grieve, hope and love again.

We take breathing for granted. Yet it is the very thing that sustains our human body.  In a few short minutes we go from living to dying, it becomes a matter of life and death.

We all know that if we take a few deep breaths we can de-stress, yet because breathing is so automatic, we need to actually make a conscious effort to do so. 

Take a deep cleansing breath break along with any other break you take during the day and imagine this life force moving through all your body. Place your hand over your heart and breathe through your heart.  Add a touch of sparkling light as you inhale deeply and light up all your body with the energy of life. Let this breath of life flow out through your heart.  Stay in the light and savor the breath of life often…a calorie free nurturing diet…for the “whole” of us.

  Maria Hilda Pinon, author of The Willows of  Corona,a novel, and Candles in the Dark…poems to grieve, hope and love again.


The Journey onto your path of healing and evolving begins with your decision

Let us “walk the talk” and help each other evolve to higher consciousness….we journey together.

  Maria Hilda Pinon, author of The Willows of  Corona,a novel, andCandles in the Dark…poems to grieve, hope and love again.

 A smile is the first gift we can give to others and to ourselves…not only does it look good…it makes us feel good right away…Start today and everyday with a smile on your face and in your heart and brighten the world…

Look in the mirror and first smile at yourself when you awake and greet your higher self…the one that stands in awe of the gift of life…your life…

  Maria Hilda Pinon, author of The Willows of  Corona,a novel, and Candles in the Dark…poems to grieve, hope and love again.