In all things GIVE THANKS! We are not hearing this for the first time…it’s scriptural, but can we really give thanks in all things when they are not going our way? So what do we do…shrug things off, wish a bit harder, sweep them under the carpet, curse someone…or really give thanks when you really don’t mean it?
It is amazing what happens when we first say “Thank You” to the universe, our highest being, God…whomever we acclaim. What follows immediately is the opportunity to learn and reflect on our “thoughts” around what occurred and gain perspective! If we investigate our thoughts we won’t give energy to the “Poor me downward spiral” that gets triggered. We will spare ourselves lots of “grief”, if we utilize the time and energy instead to reassess our expectations, strategies, actions etc.
Catch your thoughts and the subsequent feelings generated by them and let them teach YOU…they are always trying to tell you something about YOU and no one else and the more awareness you have of this internal dynamic, the greater mastery you will claim over yourself.
Feel the feeling and name it, ask it to reveal the thoughts you have around the feeling and yes give thanks for now YOU have information to work with to heal, transform and evolve you to a higher level of functioning…
By giving thanks in all things we hold the key to balance the “tipping point” of the downward spiral and tip it to the upward spiral of hope, new opportunities and staying in the conversations of possibilities.

  Maria Hilda Pinon, author of The Willows of  Corona,a novel, and Candles in the Dark…poems to grieve, hope and love again.