We take breathing for granted. Yet it is the very thing that sustains our human body.  In a few short minutes we go from living to dying, it becomes a matter of life and death.

We all know that if we take a few deep breaths we can de-stress, yet because breathing is so automatic, we need to actually make a conscious effort to do so. 

Take a deep cleansing breath break along with any other break you take during the day and imagine this life force moving through all your body. Place your hand over your heart and breathe through your heart.  Add a touch of sparkling light as you inhale deeply and light up all your body with the energy of life. Let this breath of life flow out through your heart.  Stay in the light and savor the breath of life often…a calorie free nurturing diet…for the “whole” of us.

  Maria Hilda Pinon, author of The Willows of  Corona,a novel, and Candles in the Dark…poems to grieve, hope and love again.