Inspiration (in-spiritus) passes through us to invite us to be more than we are.  This blog is a “clearing house” of information, reflections, stories, techniques, quotes, and more  to help clear our own “house” at all levels, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual… to become the best we can be in this lifetime. To be our highest self not just for a moment once in a while, but in every moment all the while we are alive.   

Life is about relationship…connections to the highest source and being (whatever name we designate for him, her or it), to ourselves, to others and to all things.  As we heal and evolve, we will relate to our highest source and being, ourselves, others and all things free of that which keeps us from stepping into the greatest and deepest expression of our being!

You are invited to share all that has supported your own healing journey in your replies.

   Maria Hilda Pinon, author ofThe Willows of  Corona,a novel, andCandles in the Dark…poems to grieve, hope and love again.